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Vestibular Rehabilitation and Dizziness

Vestibular problems are very common and can impact significantly on a person's life, causing, variably, vertigo, dizziness, nausea and decreased balance. An exercise based programme can be used to treat patients suffering from these symptoms.

Good balance is essential for daily life and a healthy balance system uses information from the brain, inner ears, eyes and joints.

Treatment involves an initial assessment of eye movements, head movements and balance. A customised exercise programme will be developed for you, which you then need to practice regularly at home. It may include specific techniques used to reposition fragments in the inner ear e.g. The Epley manoeuvre, together with education and advice on activities of daily living to improve confidence and function, and advice on falls prevention.

This should encourage the central nervous system to compensate. The exercise programme should cause some symptoms while the exercises are performed, and for a short while afterwards. This is necessary to gain maximal recovery.

The treatment programme may last several months during which time you will probably need to see the physiotherapist once every 2-3 weeks for reassessment and an update of your exercise programme.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us for more information or an informal chat. It is always advisable to seek treatment as soon as possible.